Recent Art

Clothes Encounters (2020)

The project, "Clothes Encounters" (see pics below) is inspired by my growing concern with the obvious negative impact that fast fashion and excessive clothes production and consumption is having on our environment. In an effort to explore and undress this global concern, I sought to examine my own contribution to the problem and possibly find a talking point where as consumers we can, through art, begin to discuss these issues. As part of the process, I made a call to my friends to donate clothes that they no longer needed. I used these clothes/fabrics to begin a work of art and invited visitors to my studio to interact with the art and participate in the art-making process.


The response was tremendous, as by engaging in a process of inspired stitches and conversations, my co-creators were able to discuss their own relationship to clothes and how we can refashion our attitudes of excess. This became a meditative process for some as upon beginning their contribution many went into absolute silence, while others shifted from whimsical chatter to more serious discourse about our clothes predicament.


Below are some of the images from the event at my de Gaspé Studio on Nuit Blanche, Saturday, February 29, 2020. A BIG THANK YOU to all who contributed to this project in terms of feedback, clothes donated and stitches contributed. The project is ongoing.